Family Camp August 30-September 2, 2019


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Dean Jason Rewis and his family!

Dean Jason Rewis and his family!

Have you ever heard the saying, "The family that prays together, stays together?" Is it just the act of praying together? Is it what we say when we pray together? Is it how much we pray together or where we pray together? Or, is the reason families stay together when they pray, because there is a powerful, all sovereign God who hears us when we pray?

    The most faithful Christians have, at times, struggled with the idea that God actually hears our prayers and responds, but we can be sure that when we pray: the Eternal God hears us and sovereignly answers our prayers.

    This is GOOD NEWS for families. It means that no matter what is happening in our families, whether we are struggling in the valley or praising on the mountain God is intimately acquainted with our lives, He cares about us, and He is willing to hear our request and come alongside us for our good and His glory. 

    This year we hope to encourage families with these great truths, give practical help to begin or continue to pray together, and send you out with resources to keep you going when you go back home. Come and join us for the 2019 Family Camp at Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp, we can't wait to see you! • 3127 W CR 800 South, Greensburg, Indiana 47240 • (812) 591-2515