We now offer the convenience of making a donation or payment online. We offer an ACH deduction from a checking or savings account and payment with a debit or credit card. E-giving is a safe and secured way of giving to camp.

You can select to pay for a retreat or event, or donate to SBYCamp’s General Fund, Grace Hall, or other (such as a memorial, scholarship, or a project).

You will need to click the box below to Pay for a Camper.

**ATTN: E-giving has changed it's design and some of it's format! It has a new look and will be easier to navigate! However, when you login to your account, you will now use your email address that is associated with the account rather than the Unique Username you had previously used. Your password should not have changed.**

What is E-Giving?
E-Giving is short for electronic giving. It is an automatic transfer program that allows you to make contributions or payments without the hassle of writing checks, addressing and mailing the envelope, and save a stamp each time you use it.

How does it work?
Go to the link above and simply follow the directions to authorize an ACH deduction from your checking or savings account or pay with a debit or credit card; it will be transferred directly to the camp's account.

How often will the amount be deducted from my account?
That's up to you. You can make a one-time payment or donation, or you have the option to set-up recurring donations.

Can I look up my donations online?
You can view all donations completed online, print out a statement, and even use it for tax purposes.

Can anyone at the camp see my account numbers?
No. No one at the camp has access to your personal information.

What if I try it and I don't like it?
You can cancel your automatic deduction schedule on the website at any time.



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