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Camp Volunteers/Cabin Leaders

Cabin Leader Requirements:

1. Cabin Leaders/Churches sending campers, please follow the guidelines of sending 1 cabin leader per 5 campers.
2. Cabin Leaders must be 21 or older for the following camps:  Music, Junior-Senior, Golf, Teen, Paintball
3. Cabin Leaders must be 18 or older for the following camps: Primary, Junior, Kindergarten
4. Read the “Camp Leader’s Information” along with the “Camper Rules”. Click Here to View the Packing List.
5. Contact the Dean so he/she can give/receive information to better prepare for camp.
6. Must Fill Out these forms: You may either download, print, and mail the forms or you may fill them out online.
(The Authorization Criminal Background check is to be filled out on paper only).

Registration/Health Form

Volunteer Agreement

Authorization Criminal Background Check

7. Cabin Leaders come to camp for free!

8. If you are bringing your own children:
-All children, any age, must stay in cabins with the same gender.
-We ask that you use the following guideline to help cover the expenses of your own children:
      *Age 5 and under = free
      *Age of campers for the session attending = camper fee
      *Other age for a Primary camp = $15.00 (this is less than $2 a meal)
      *Other age for a 6 day camp = $25 (this is less than $2 a meal)

Each Child must have a separate "Camper Registration Form”.  This is necessary for cabin assignments and meals.

9. The best situation for Campers and the continuity of camp is for you to stay at camp from the time you arrive for check-in until camp is dismissed. If your situation does not allow this please discuss it with the Dean prior to your arrival. • 3127 W CR 800 South, Greensburg, Indiana 47240 • (812) 591-2515