Dean Spotlight - John Todd

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John has been married to his wife Lynn for 33 years and they have two children: Matthew and Joseph, along with one granddaughter, Harper. John and Lynn are part of Ryker’s Ridge Baptist Church in Madison where they both have active parts in the church. They both work at Hanover College, where John is the supervisor over the maintenance department.

John has been active with the Boy Scouts: As a youth he earned the rank of Eagle, and as an adult leader he has participated since 1977. He is currently the scoutmaster of Troop 717 in Madison at First Baptist Church. "Since there were many people that took their time to help me as I grew up, I want to have that same impact on kids today!"


He began coming to Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp in 1983. Since that time he has taken part in the life of the camp in several ways. He participated early on in Music camp, then several other camp sessions that include; Junior Camp for elementary age kids, Operation Equip for college kids, Family Camp, Wilderness camp, and He has enjoyed helping around the camp in many ways.

John is the Dean for Wilderness Camp, which is in its fourth year. This is a weekend camping experience offered at Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp for those in 5th—9th grade.  Wilderness Camp is a little different than most camp sessions.


During the weekend kids camp in tents as well as cook their own meals as a group and then spend time learning outdoor skills. They also spend time looking into the scriptures to see what God has to say to us through His word about things like what a Christian Worldview is and how to have a relationship with Christ.  With the varied backgrounds kids and folks come from today, Church camp is a great place and way to share Christ with people!

Dean Spotlight - Mitch Harrell


Meet Mitch & Kaitlin Harrell. 


They are a fun-loving couple who met at Hopewell Baptist Church while Mitch was the youth pastor there, and they have been married for 6 years! They have a son (Zeke) and a daughter (Laken) who was born on New Year’s Day 2018! Mitch is currently the Pastor of Zenas Baptist Church, and has been for the past 3 years.




When they’re not busy with church activities, they enjoy trying out new restaurants, playing games, camping, and traveling! They both especially LOVE snow!

But what they love even more than all those things is being at Camp!

“If we have a week vacation, we want to spend it at camp!”

Mitch is co-dean with Adam Gibson, whom he met as a fellow cabin leader many years ago, of Teen Camp at SBYCamp and have been for 8 years now. “Each year is like a family reunion because many of the campers come back!” They love getting to know the kids and being able to really connect with them.

When asked why it’s important for adults to come to camp, Mitch & Kaitlin replied, “Adults should come to camp as cabin leaders! They really learn more than the kids do. And in the one week they are there, they are able to see change in the kids, which is really amazing!”

When Are You Coming to Camp?

Spring is here, and Summer is just around the corner! That means Camp is too!

There are so many opportunities for you, your kids, or your parents to come to camp! We have camps for Kindergarten to 12'th grade! Each Camp Session during the summer (excluding Kindergarten, Primary, & Golf) are from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning. Each day is full of fun, learning, and making new friends! If you're in 7th grade and up, while you're at camp you will have the opportunity to play paintball for no extra fee!

In the fall we have 3 weekend camps (Friday evening-Sunday afternoon). Wilderness Camp (grades 5-9), Family Camp (husband & wife with children), and Paintball Camp (grades 6-12). As it gets closer to time, more information on these camps will be on the website.

On our 2017 Schedule, we have a short overview for each camp, along with the pricing. Registration is quick and easy! You can Register Online, or you can click here to download and print the form to mail to the camp.

If you have any questions about Camp, you can call (812) 591-2515 or email us at We look forward to seeing you at camp this year!



February-March 2017 Newsletter


I was asked to make a list of work needing to be done for the continuing maintenance of camp. I knew this list would be large but I never thought it would be 9 pages of 250 some jobs - and that was as of 1/12/17. This list is posted on the website so it can be viewed and action taken.

It would be great if you can help with some of this work or refer people that can. Call the camp or send an email to schedule a day to come and help at camp. Many have stepped up over the years and I'm thankful for their continual support - without their laboring, camp would not be the same.

         Youth Group from Kentucky 2014                     Spring Mission Trip  

         Youth Group from Kentucky 2014
                    Spring Mission Trip



We have some positions to fill and would like you to share the information. Attached are the job descriptions for a year round housekeeper and maintenance assistant, along with the job description for summer staff. These job descriptions and applications can be found on the website under "About" - "Employment". We can also email or mail all the information to someone, just contact the camp.


If you would be interested in serving as a camp trustee for your association or serving on a camp committee, you can make that known by completing a "Resource Sheet" and send it to camp.
Trustees serve on camp boards and committees, but are continually seeking individual expertise to serve with them. You can find more information and the "Resource Sheet" on the website under "About" - "Volunteers & Projects".


The new camp promotional video is just over 2 minutes, which makes it ideal for showing during church announcements. If you were at camp last year you just might be in the video!
The promotional video can be found and shown from the website. We are happy to visit churches and share about camp - just contact the camp to schedule a date.


Summer Camps are always in need of adults to serve as cabin leaders and helpers. If you have any questions about volunteering for a camp session please give us a call. Adults come for free and get to enjoy daily worship, Bible study, no cooking or dishes, and plenty of opportunity for exercise. They also get to witness young people experiencing a relationship with God.
If you, or someone you know is interested in at- tending camp as a leader/helper, please refer them to the website or contact us. We don't want adults to miss a great opportunity for camp.


Registration forms may be completed online from the website for campers and leaders; or, you may complete the registration/health form and mail it to camp. Either way you choose, be sure to include the $10.00 deposit per camper. The option to make online deposits and payments from a bank account is available on the website.
Please share the enclosed camp schedule/registration form with someone that might be interested. You may also make copies and refer people to the camp website for more information.


Please make copies of the needs list and share in your church bulletin.
The camp needs list can also be found on the website under "About" - "News & Updates".

2017 Camp Overview

#1 JUNIOR Camp         $125
(entering grades 4-6)
 JUNE 11-16      
DEAN: Priscilla Bushhorn
(812) 662-5242
Check-in Sunday 3 PM
Check-out Friday 11 AM
You’ll have so much fun at camp making friends, playing games, exploring the outdoors, small group lessons, making things, chapel time, singing songs, and maybe just being silly or watching your leaders be silly.

#2 TEEN Camp          $125
(entering grades 7-12)
   JUNE 18-23          
DEANS: Mitch Harrell & Adam Gibson
               (812) 621-0848    (812) 595-4698
Check-in Sunday 3 PM
Check-out Friday 11 AM
You will make friendships that can last a lifetime, learn new things about yourself and the God that loves you! You can play paintball for no extra fee! Have a blast with friends, great worship, life lessons, games, and fun!

#3 KINDERGARTEN-1st GRADE Camp    $25
(entering K-1)        
 JUNE 29-30     
DEAN: Melissa Giddens
(812) 346-7458
Check-in Thursday4 PM
Check-out Friday 4 PM
This is a great way to prepare you young campers for many more fun years of camp. You get to spend one night in a cabin with leaders and friends, eat 3 meals at camp, snack time, fun lessons, singing, swimming games, and more!

#4 MUSIC Camp         $125
(entering grades 7-12)
   JULY 2-7          
DEAN: Myrna Kinney & Karen Hargett
               (765) 364-1181    (812) 344-6799
Check-in Sunday 3 PM
Ends with closing program Friday 7 PM
While you are here, you learn a musical and can try out for special singing parts or drama-but everyone gets to sing. Also the band "En Gedi" from Indiana Wesleyan University will be leading you in worship! And you can play paintball for no extra fee!

#5 GOLF Camp        $125
(entering grades 7-12)
   JULY 4-7            
DEAN: Bryan Gatewood
(812) 614-3366
Check-in Tuesday 10 AM
Check-out Friday 11 AM
As a golf camper, you will travel with the other campers 3 miles to the Wyaloosing Creek Golf Course to sharpen skills and enjoy fun competition. You are at camp for all meals and evening activities!

#6 JUNIOR Camp       $125
(entering grades 4-6)
   JULY 9-14           
DEANS: Robby Kloke
(812) 595-1925
Check-in Sunday 3 PM
Check-out Friday 11 AM
You’ll have so much fun at camp making friends, playing games, exploring the outdoors, small group lessons, making things, chapel time, singing songs, and maybe just being silly or watching your leaders be silly.

#7 JUNIOR-SENIOR Camp     $125
(entering grades 4-12)
JULY 16-21          
DEAN: Pat Lanman
(812) 584-1920
Check-in Sunday 3 PM
Check-out Friday 11 AM
This camp is for a wide age of campers that break into age groups for lesson time and altogether for worship with a live band! You’ll have lots of activities and games to have a great time! If you’re in Jr. High or Sr. High you can play paintball for no extra fee!

 #8 PRIMARY Camp       $90
(entering grades 1-3)
 JULY 23-26         
DEAN: Carolyn Pool
(812) 552-9729
Check-in Sunday 3 PM
Check-out Wednesday 11 AM
This short camp is great for you young campers. Days filled with fun lessons, singing, and activities, you are ready for bed when you get to the cabin at night. Plan to make new friends that you may see each summer when you come back to camp!

 #9 WILDERNESS Camp     $85
(entering grades 5-9)
 AUGUST 18-20          
DEAN: John Todd
(812) 265-4785
Check-in Friday 6 PM
Check-out Sunday
Camping in the great outdoors! You get to stay in a tent, help prepare really awesome meals over a fire, experience many new activities, and learn about God in new ways!
See Separate Brochure.

 #10 FAMILY Camp         $285
(husband and wife with children)
 SEPTEMBER 1-4      
DEAN: Don Snyder
(812) 591-2515
Check-in Friday 6 PM
Check-out Monday 10 AM
Great family time! Kids get to do activities with other kids, parents get to do activities with other parents, and you get to do special things as a family.
See Separate Brochure.

#11 PAINTBALL Camp    $115
(entering grades 6-12)
  SEPTEMBER 15-17     
DEAN: Chris Thompson
(812) 371-3578
Check-in Friday 6 PM
Check-out Sunday
Let’s play paintball! Fun-filled weekend with lots of paintball and other activities too!
Paintball with a Passion and a Purpose!
See Separate Brochure.