Dean Spotlight - Mitch Harrell


Meet Mitch & Kaitlin Harrell. 


They are a fun-loving couple who met at Hopewell Baptist Church while Mitch was the youth pastor there, and they have been married for 6 years! They have a son (Zeke) and a daughter (Laken) who was born on New Year’s Day 2018! Mitch is currently the Pastor of Zenas Baptist Church, and has been for the past 3 years.




When they’re not busy with church activities, they enjoy trying out new restaurants, playing games, camping, and traveling! They both especially LOVE snow!

But what they love even more than all those things is being at Camp!

“If we have a week vacation, we want to spend it at camp!”

Mitch is co-dean with Adam Gibson, whom he met as a fellow cabin leader many years ago, of Teen Camp at SBYCamp and have been for 8 years now. “Each year is like a family reunion because many of the campers come back!” They love getting to know the kids and being able to really connect with them.

When asked why it’s important for adults to come to camp, Mitch & Kaitlin replied, “Adults should come to camp as cabin leaders! They really learn more than the kids do. And in the one week they are there, they are able to see change in the kids, which is really amazing!”