Dean Spotlight- Don Snyder & Jason Rewis


Meet Don Snyder

He has been married to his wife, Sarah, for over 30 years! Together they have been co-managers here at camp for 14 years. Don has been involved at SBYCamp for 34 years as a trustee, cabin leader, Dean, and in work groups!

They have 3 kids: D.J. who is married to Beanita, Dustin who is a strength coach at Indiana University, and Kelsey who is a special needs teacher at North Decatur Elementary School. Kelsey is married to Mitch Slaughter who is the full time maintenance assistant here at camp.

“Over 30 years ago”, says Don, “I had the desire for my son to go to camp and have the experience I never had!” When Don was 10 years old, and his brother was 9, they were going to Camp! They were so excited to get away from home! His mom got all the stuff packed and she even sewed their names in all their clothes!

The day finally came! They loaded up their things into their station wagon and headed to the camp! After what felt like hours to the kids, they finally made it to the camp. But, to their great dismay, there was a cable blocking the entrance and a sign that said “Camp Closed”.

“I never got the chance to go the camp after that, so I don’t know what it’s like to be a camper. This is a memory,” says Don, “that drives me to make sure that campers will not miss the opportunity to experience Camp!”


Meet Jason Rewis


Jason has been married to his wife, Leslie, for 21 years. They have one daughter, Grace, who is 16 years old! Together they enjoy going to theme parks, hanging out with friends, playing board games, riding horses, and reading as a family!

Jason has been involved with camp for 5 years now. He has know Don and Sarah Snyder for 19 years, and they did ministry together before the Rewis Family moved to Florida. But about five years ago, Don reached out to Jason asking him to come lead worship at Family Camp!

“Family Camp is important. God works in children through their family under the father’s/husband’s leadership.


“We bring the family together to seek out and find their identity and purpose in Christ as a family!” says Jason,When we are living together in our purpose and identity in Christ, we bring glory to God!”


Camp is a way to have a marked event in our annual lives to come back to camp and REFOCUS, REEVALUATE, and RECOMMIT to Christ! And it's FUN!

Family Camp is a time for parents to relax, connect with God, with their spouse, and to interact with their kids in ways they would not normally.

At Family Camp, we give tools to families so they can grow closer to each other by growing closer to the LORD! We want to remind them of their responsibilities. The Christian walk is not just while you’re at church, but your obedience in the day to day life.

Family Camp is Fun! There are lots of activities and structure. Families will be together much of the time, but will also  split up for lessons that have been prepared for their age group! The families will also compete in activities such as fishing, canoeing, archery, and many other fun activities! Kids age 4 and under have their own special “Camp” within this camp, and they will have activities that are tailored to their needs!


We hope you can bring YOUR FAMILY to Family Camp this year!

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