$38 per person                    

Must be at least 9 years old to play


  1. Up to 3 hours

  2. Marker

  3. HPA (High Pressure Air) Tank (unlimited)

  4. 500 Paintballs

  5. Mask

  6. Chest Protector

  7. Neck Guard

Additional Paintballs may be purchased at $13 for bag of 500 (higher quality of paintballs may be needed in colder weather so price will fluctuate according to quality)

Fee is the same for all players – even if they bring their own equipment. This ensures that SBYCamp will take care of all players even if a player’s personal marker malfunctions or runs out of HPA, the player will be provided for in order to stay in the game.

Only paintballs provided by SBYCamp are allowed.
All equipment will be tested before allowed on the field.
We provide refereeing for all games.
Every player must complete a “paintball waiver” before playing.

Contact the camp to schedule playing time. (812) 591-2515 • 3127 W CR 800 South, Greensburg, Indiana 47240 • (812) 591-2515