Camper Registration

**If you are a leader please go to the "Cabin Leaders" Page to register

Click Here to to View/Download the 2018 Camp Schedule

To register for any of the camp sessions you must complete the Registration/Health Form. These forms are provided below for you to download and print. Or, you can register by hitting the "Register Online Campers" button above.
Your completed forms and $10 deposit should be mailed to PO Box 638, Westport, IN 47283.
Or you can pay online.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or contact us at (812) 591-2515.

How to register:
 1. Each person attending camp (all adults & children) must complete a registration & health form—click here to download form.  All adults must complete leader forms - see "Cabin Leaders" page.
2. Enclose the camper $10 non-refundable registration deposit (which is deducted from the fee). You are not registered until the camp has received your deposit.  Payments may also be made on the website from a bank account. Click HERE to pay online.
3. It is your responsibility to find out if your church helps pay for camper fees—not all churches do this.
4. If you would like to cabin with some particular friends or church group of the same gender, you may request that on the registration form. We will try to grant your request but understand that most of our cabins house 13 people, so larger groups of friends may be split into smaller groups.
5. Send your completed registration & health form along with your $10 deposit to the camp at least 2 weeks before attending.
6. Churches sending campers are asked to follow the guideline of sending 1 Cabin Leader per 5 Campers.

Download Registration-Health Form

 Camper Rules:
The Camper who is unable or unwilling to abide by these rules should not register and may be dismissed from camp.
1. Everyone will follow the schedule.
2. No one is permitted to leave the camp property without permission of the Dean and authorized parent/guardian of minor. Any camper leaving camp property must be signed-out at Grace Hall by person authorized to take camper. If returning to camp, camper must be signed-in at Grace Hall by person returning camper.
3. The use or possession of tobacco or any form of cigarettes,alcohol,or illegal drugs, is prohibited. All visitors are required to refrain from using such while on the camp property. No smoking on camp property or in personal vehicles while on camp property. Firearms, knives, and other similar items are not to be brought to camp.
4. Automobiles are to be parked in gravel parking areas by Grace Hall. Campers who have a vehicle at camp are to turn their keys in at check-in and will not be permitted to use the vehicle until camp is dismissed, unless clearly authorized by Camper’s parent.
5.  Cell phones, computers, iPods, electronic games, pets, or other items that can disrupt the continuity of camp are not permitted. Leave cell phones home!
6. Campers are not allowed on golf carts.
7. Any music played at camp must be Christian in nature and played only with permission of the Cabin Leader.
8. All medicine is to be in the original container with label and turned in to the Camp Nurse who will dispense the medicine to the camper - there is an exception for inhalers and epi-pens.
9. Shoes must be worn-except in cabins and pool area.
10. Please keep in mind as you are packing for camp that you should glorify God in all that you do and the way that you dress. Full piece swimsuits only. Immodest swimsuits will not be allowed. A shirt or covering must be worn to and from the water activities. Swimwear for the pool cannot have any zippers, buttons, or similar items that could damage the pool liner. Your body should be appropriately covered while at camp. If your clothing is considered inappropriate by the Dean, Cabin Leaders, or Camp Staff you will be expected to change.
11. Campers will not be permitted in cabins without a Cabin Leader present.
12. Respect the property of others. Stay out of other people’s belongings. We do not want practical jokes that will hurt or embarrass someone or damage property.
13. Any damage to camp property will be the responsibility of those committing it. Including, but not limited to, unnecessary discharge of fire extinguishers, carving or marking on bunks or buildings, and damage from toothpaste or shaving cream.
14. Phone calls may only be made with permission from the Dean.
15. Boys are not allowed on the girl’s side and girls are not allowed on the boy’s side.
16. All water activities (swimming, boating, and creek) are only allowed when a certified life guard is on duty in the designated areas.
17. All visitors are to sign-in and receive a visitor tag at Grace Hall upon arrival. The visitor tag must be visibly worn while on camp property. Visitors are to sign-out and return tag just before departing.

If camper is entering grades 7-9 and wishes to play paintball while at camp for no extra cost, camper must fill out a "Paintball Waiver" form. The form can be filled out online or by downloading the form below. • 3127 W CR 800 South, Greensburg, Indiana 47240 • (812) 591-2515