SBYCamp Packing List

  1. Bible

  2. Sleeping Bag or Sheets, Blanket, & Pillow (Twin Mattresses)

  3. Suitable Clothing: Sleepwear, Raincoat or Jacket, & 2 pairs of clothing for each day of Camp.
    *Shirts with cut-off sleeves are not to show sides of the body below the armpits. Shorts are not to be above a ring on the finger with arms at sides. No spaghetti strap tops. Modest tank tops are permitted.

  4. Swimwear: *No bikini's. No shorts with zippers, buttons, or decor because these can damage the pool liner.
    -Male Swimwear: Swimming trunks. Also, a shirt must be worn to and from water activities.
    -Female Swimwear: Midriff and high-thigh areas need covered, so this should be a one-piece or tankini with top that covers to the bottoms. If questionable, a dark t-shirt should be worn over swimsuit. Also, a cover-up or t-shirt must be worn to and from water activities.

  5. Shoes - 1 pair close-toed shoes (tennis shoes) for running and playing games + 1 old pair + flip flops or sandals.

  6. Towels (Shower & Swimming), washcloths, soap & shampoo, deodorant.

  7. Toothbrush & toothpaste.

  8. Personal items you may want: Notebook, paper, pencil or pen, flashlight, bug spray, sunscreen.

  9. Envelopes & stamps if you want to send mail home.

  10. If you bring cabin snacks, be sure they are in a sealed container.

*Your body should be appropriately covered while at SBYCamp. If your clothing is considered inappropriate by the Dean, Cabin Leaders, or Camp Staff you will be expected to change.*

What NOT to Bring

  1. Pets

  2. Tobacco or any form of cigarettes, alcohol, or illegal drugs.

  3. Firearms, knives, and other similar items.

  4. Computers, iPods, electronic games, or other similar items.

  5. Cell phones - be sure to inform all your friends that you will not be communicating because you have gon to SBYCamp. Have fun setting up an auto-reply!