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"Ever since our sons have been old enough to have birthday parties primarily for school friends (versus family), we have made the decision as a family to not ask for gifts from the guests.  However, the first year most ignored this request or felt awkward about not bringing something and ended up bringing small gifts.  While these were appreciated, we want our children to understand that birthdays are a celebration of life and should be free of greed and jealousy.  So now when birthday invitations go out for friends, we allow each child to make a decision to which organization or effort they would like to ask for donations.  Our older son has been able to collect donations for Mercy Rescue, mission trios by our home church, and missionaries over the years.  This year, our younger son wanted to help SBYCamp.  By looking at the website, I included a partial list of needed supplies on the invitation and was blown away by the amount brought in by our son's wonderful friends.  Some parents even said they appreciated the conversations that the invitation started at their own home about giving.  Our son was eager to share what a wonderful place SBYCamp is to his friends.  We are happy to help the camp in any way.  The kingdom of Christ can be expanded in a variety of ways and we hope that this is a small piece that can help advance the wonderful mission the camp has throughout the year of telling and showing children (and adults) about the love of Christ.  I expect that we will be making a similar trip after our older son's birthday next month.

Thank you for being such an important part of the salvation story of my children and many others!"
~Stephanie and Josh Shaw


"Our family attended Family Camp. The camp grounds and staff were all wonderful! Family Camp has been one of the best things we have done to invest for our family. Months after camp we were watching our DVD with pictures. Everyone became so excited and we are anxiously awaiting our next camp! My husband and I went, but had no idea it would be such an awesome blessing for our family. Our three children all described it as 'Fun' and are always asking when they can go back! Family camp allowed us to focus on God and our family. It has brought great changes for our family!"

~The May Family


 "I remember coming to camp as a young teen in the late 70's and early 80's....best times of my life! I looked forward to it every year and always wished it lasted longer than a week. The fond memories of the old mess hall, the cabins, the worship, swimming in the lake, the crafts and so much more. Oh to go back to those days and re-live them!"

~Tammy Fletcher



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