Volunteer Agreement Form

Volunteer Acknowledgement

The “Camp Leader Information” and “Camper Rules” contain important guidelines about Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp.

I understand that the rules have been set for the well-being of all people at SBYCamp.
I agree to respect and uphold the rules as a volunteer for SBYCamp.
I also acknowledge that revisions to these SBYCamp rules may occur at any time.


The mission of Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp is to provide a place located in the beauty of God's nature where people of all ages can gather to learn and study God's truths, build God's kingdom, and have Christian fun. In sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the camp provides an atmosphere for nurturing individual Christian commitments and developing Christian leaders.




The ministry of Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp is to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of our guests so that God may be their focus. The appearance of the grounds, cleanliness of the facilities, quality of the food, and service of  our  staff all contribute to the camp and retreat experience. Therefore, we shall strive to meet standards, exceed expectations, and continually seek improvement in all we do. We understand that the camp and retreat ministry requires a commitment of time and devotion beyond the demands of secular expectations, but we are motivated by the fulfillment of serving our Lord.


1.    To promote an awareness of God and His love through the grace of Jesus Christ.

2.  To aid toward spiritual growth and knowledge of basic human values.

3.  To give children, youth and adults a fun-filled, healthy,  safe, educational and inspirational experience in the out -of- doors.

4.  To help develop an understanding, appreciation and sense of stewardship for the out-of-doors, for the natural environment and for all living creatures.

5.  To facilitate creative self-expression through thought, worship, song, work, play, physical activity, and the development of new skills.

6.  To honor and abide by God’s Word.


My signature below acknowledges that I have received and read the entire information and rules. My signature also indicates that I agree to act accordingly and to comply with and adhere to these rules outlined on this volunteer agreement form.

This form must be signed and received by SBYCamp in order for you to attend a camp session as a volunteer.

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