Southeastern Baptist Youth Camp is solely supported by churches and individuals; 
therefore, relies greatly on volunteers to help with work and projects.

We encourage individuals and churches to call the camp managers,
Don and Sarah Snyder, to set-up a time and projects that match skills and abilities.


We look forward to your helping hands! 

Click Here to View & Download the SBYCamp Work List


Wood Cutting Days!!!

Saturday, December 7
Saturday, December 14

Winter is almost here, as we need help filling up our woodshed! As you can see, it’s pretty empty!
Our water and winter facilities are heated by our woodstove, so we go through lots of firewood. Our goal is to have the woodshed filled by Christmas! We need your help cutting and stacking to keep our guests warm!

SBYCamp is governed by a Board of Trustees that are selected by American Baptist Member Associations of southeastern Indiana.  Member Associations are Bethel, Brownstown, Coffee Creek, Decatur County, East Central, Flat Rock, Laughery, Long Run, Madison, and Sand Creek.

There are also opportunities for individuals of non-associational churches to serve the camp.  There are many individuals that have a heart for camp ministry that would be a great asset to the camp board.  Trustees serve on boards and committees, but they are continually seeking individual expertise to serve with them.  Please take a look at the “Resource Sheet” to consider areas you might be interested in serving the camp board.

The “Resource Sheet” is a form that all trustees and committee members are asked to complete.  You may either complete this form to submit online, or you may print it to complete and send to the camp.



You Are Essential to the Mission of Camp

In order to thrive - the camp needs YOU!
Our camp sessions are an extended ministry of the church. Some of you, as a church and some personally, have made camp your “home mission”. Thank you - as this is very critical to the survival of camp. Please keep in mind that the camper fees cover less than half of the actual cost for campers and leaders to attend a camp session. This is why your financial support is so important; otherwise, the camper fees would need to increase dramatically. The churches and individual donors are the heart of camp. We want camp to do more than survive - we want it to THRIVE!


We thank our CAMP DEANS, CAMP PASTORS, and LEADERS. Thank you CHURCHES for sending campers and all the support. Thank you INDIVIDUAL DONORS.

When you give to camp it is more than just a gift - it is investing in future leaders of the church


The many ways that people give to camp are priceless. You give of your time, prayers, labor, sweat, finances, and supplies. The one true living God knows everyone of you personally.

May you be abundantly blessed!


When you give to camp it is more than just a gift - it is investing in the kingdom of God. • 3127 W CR 800 South, Greensburg, Indiana 47240 • (812) 591-2515